I’m sorry…I have to post once more on “Shove it”

Shoving Back

I was hoping this wouldn’t be required, but I can’t let this go by unnoticed. Remember when Teresa Kerry told that reporter to “shove it” when he asked for clarification on some remarks she made in a speech? (I’m not going to go over it again – Read here, here, here, and here.)

Well, a massive letter-writing campaign is apparently underway, attempting to get a message across. The messages are hate-filled and threatening.

The recipient is the reporter told off by Mrs. Kerry.

Writes Colin McNickle, the reporter in question:

“I hope you burn in hell,” read one e-mail. “You’re a (expletive) Nazi,” went another. “Teresa should have told you to go (expletive) yourself,” another friendly e-mailer offered. And these were among the milder communiques; those that included death threats will be forwarded to the senders’ respective hometown police departments.

One of my daughters back in Pittsburgh was brought to tears by a caller to our house. The clever woman identified herself as a Washington reporter seeking to interview me but then embarked on a filthy tirade. It seems a member of the Heinz Kerry Civility Enforcement Patrol posted our home address and telephone number on the response part of my convention blog.

Again, the irony of this coming as a result of a speech given by Mrs. Kerry including a plea for more civility in political discourse isn’t lost on MO.

My original post was not about the incident so much as it was about the active defense launched by a number of Kerry supporters and Democrats (including Hillary Clinton) not that worked not only to defend Mrs. Kerry but to elevate her to some sort hero for saying what she said. That continues to be my reason for posting.

McNickel received an email from his brother:

“From what I’m hearing on late-night radio, the liberal definition of a ‘strong woman’ is one who abuses anyone who asks a question she doesn’t want to answer,” he wrote. “A strong conservative woman would have come up with an example of how the questioner’s paper had misrepresented the truth about her candidate or position.”

Of course, Teresa Heinz Kerry didn’t do that because she couldn’t.

That said, and as I shove off from Boston, I’m still waiting for the answer to my question of Sunday night last. (emphasis mine)

Maybe some letter-writers could work on the answer while they’re at it.