A classic liberal on Ralph Nader

My Nader vote is not a Kerry vote misdirected

Frank Warner, whose site doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it deserves, is a “classic liberal”. He isn’t a Liberal as we call them today.

He’s probably voting for Ralph Nader this fall, and though I don’t personally agree with his opinion on this, I can’t argue with his reasoning. And he notes something that has been getting a lot of attention over the past six months or so: the idea that Nader supporters should chuck it and fall in line with the Kerry supporters.

In some cases, of course, this is probably the right idea. And, if forced to choose between Kerry and Bush, I imagine that the majority of Nader supporters would choose Kerry, maybe even the overwhelming majority. But that doesn’t make their support for Nader really just misguided support for Kerry and his ideals. Like Ross Perot and many others accused of “splitting”, Ralph Nader actually is trying to stand for something. And some people agree with what he’s trying to stand for and will vote for him based upon it.

Stop pretending that we Nader supporters live on the dark side of the moon, and that we naturally would vote for Kerry if only we saw the light. Stop your whining and stop your dirty tricks.

I’ll probably vote for Nader, and my vote probably could never go to Kerry. I’m leaning strongly this way because I know Nader is a good man, and because Kerry has shown too little respect for democracy and freedom.

Too often, American voters are left with trying to decide which is the lesser of two evils when voting for President. And many votes cast for third party or independent candidates are cast simply to show disgust with the mainstream choices. But many are also cast because those voters want to stand up and be counted among those they think are right, and going over the numbers and saying Bush would have won in 1992 if Perot hadn’t run or that Gore would have won in 2000 doesn’t tell the whole story.

Go read the whole thing. And pay Mr. Warner a visit every now and again. It’s worth it.


  1. the truth and problem with nader is this. nader has no electoral votes, nader had no electoral votes in 2000 none. no man wins the presidency without a majority victory of ELECTORAL VOTES IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, THIS IS THE TRUTH,LIKE IT OR NOT. nader supporters are voiding their vote, it is a bogus vote, helping bush probably more than kerry. either vote for a candidate with electoral votes or realize you candidate will never,ever win,simple. nader took votes away from gore, had nader not been on the ballot, or the idiots who voted ‘realized’ the law of politics(no electoral vote,no president)gore would have won,hands down over dubya and florida debacle, though wrong would have been irrelevant.