Darth Sadr

Radical Shiite cleric vows to continue fight against U.S.

This guy just won’t go away. After appearing for a while to have given up armed insurrection for political methods, he’s back to his old ways. In a big way.

300-400 of his loyal followers have been killed in the past week or so, and they just keep piling up.

“I will continue fighting,” al-Sadr told reporters. “I will remain in Najaf city until the last drop of my blood has been spilled.”

Al-Sadr’s words were a challenge to interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who visited the war-shattered city Sunday under heavy security and called on the Shiite militants to stop fighting.

“We think that those armed should leave the holy sites and the (Imam Ali Shrine compound) as well as leave their weapons and abide by the law,” he said.

As for his blood, he seems to be insisting that someone spill it for him.

So far, five American and four Iraqi troops have been killed in the fighting. Darth Sader has lost between 1500-2000 between this recent round of fighting and battles earlier in the year.

I forgot to note this Cox & Forkum cartoon from last week:
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  1. According to Omar of Iraq the Model, Sadr is loosing about 1200 in the current round of fighting (though a lot of those number are surrendering thugs). Most of them are not from Najaf, but imported from elsewhere (Basra, Kut, Amarah, Baghdad). It would seemed that if this is all Sadr can muster (and most of Najaf is out of his controlled), then this might be the final call to arm for his group. (Which saves IP the trouble to find them individually).

  2. Way oversimplifying here, but is it possible that this ‘uprising’ is one of the best things to happen to the Iraq situation in awhile? So far it’s succeeded in: 1. Kicking the new Iraqi gov’t into strong action 2. Putting the New Iraqi Army on the ground in the fight, so the pictures aren’t all American v. Muslim anymore 3. Concentrated and killed lots (lots!) of insurgents that would be able to cause much more harm if spread out and attacking over the long term 4. Shown (again) that an armed insurgency doesn’t work in Iraq I bet I could come up with a bunch more if I didn’t have to run off to a meeting…

  3. I have questioned why we let Sadr live. I guess KTLA answered those questions. It is still an ‘away game.’ Better to have the terorists fighting our military in Iraq than killing civilians in America.

  4. BigFire: Yeah, I’ve seen the higher claims of killed insurgents. And I’ve seen Darth Sadr’s people claiming it’s much lower. I’ll stick with the middle ground for now. KTLA: Actually, I thought that the March-April uprising was one of the best things to happen in Iraq for a while. And it demonstrated that more work needed to be done and that the Iraqi forces were woefully unprepared. We clobbered the bad guys for a few weeks and things settled back down. Now this looks sort of like round two of the ‘popular’ uprising scenario (of course many are not locals and they’re not all that popular) and we’re cleaning more clocks, and this time the Iraqi forces are getting more involved. It’s hard to call this ‘good’, but it’s something that probably has to happen at some point. The sooner the better, in all likelihood. And Darth Sadr got the benefit of the doubt once. He’s pressing his luck this time.