Now we need an XM8 version, just not in 5.56mm

Introducing the Kalashnikov MP3 player

A reader forwarded me this link from The Register.

Yes indeed, the streets of Najaf will never be the same again once the followers of radical Shi’ite cleric Moqtada Sadr get their hands on this little beauty – aptly named the AK-MP3. Actually, it’s just a replica AK-47 magazine, but slap it in your semi-automatic rifle and you’re ready to shock and awe the US military with the sheer firepower of your playlist.

Mind you, we don’t think that Sadr would approve of the advertising snaps for this device, featuring as they do a young lady clad only in camouflage bikini with her hands firmly grasping an enormous weapon.

You’ll have go to the AK-MP3’s page for the, um, technical details.