Strykers struck

Stryker brigade slammed by insurgents

Overlooked during the ongoing battle with Darth Sadr, there has been a fair amount of action lately in the Mosul area lately.

Insurgents with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, AK-47s and improvised bombs fought a series of coordinated, running attacks against Stryker and Iraqi troops. One estimate put the number of attackers at 30 to 40, another at more than 100.

Either way, U.S. and Iraqi forces killed an undetermined number of them – the official estimate is at least a dozen – while suffering no losses themselves.

About a dozen Stryker troops were wounded; all but two returned to duty, said Lt. Col. Kevin Hyneman, the brigade’s deputy commander.


Hyneman said about a dozen Strykers were damaged, mostly the tires and some sections of slat armor that protects the vehicles from RPGs. All were repaired and returned to service within two days, he said.

Also mentioned is the online account of blogger CBFTW. Check it out for some first-person reporting. Harrowing stuff, including:

Note: I dont think CNN’s report of only 12 dead is accurate.

His article is too good to excerpt. Go read.


  1. Thank you for the link to CBFTW. We do not get many real reports out of Mosul. My son is with the Stryker Brigade and it is helpful to know what he is going through. Had not heard from him in a while. Now I understand why. Bless all our troops!!!