Comment Spam

Well, some of you noticed the friendly ads for online poker and such that magically appeared in the comments section of, oh, around 600 posts this afternoon.

Sorry about that.

What’s the deal with comment spam, anyway? Is it to drive up google ranking?

I’ve been holding off implementing MT-Blacklist because my spam problem was managable and I’m planning on upgrading to MT 3.1 very shortly. But today’s shock and awe convinced me to download the thing anyway.

I shouldn’t have waited. And if you run a pre-3.0 Moveable Type site, neither should you. It’s ridiculously easy to install and it works FAST.

I had over 600 comment spams from this afternoon, plus another 50 or so that I had missed previously, cleared out in about thirty minutes (including installation time). Your results may vary, but this is highly recommended.

Not only does it prevent spammers from hammering you, it makes adding new spam to the list incredibly simple. And, on top of that, it seems to me that you can use the search engine to do more than hunt down spam in your comments.

Very much worth the price (free) and probably even a donation.

Plus, the MT-Blacklist blog notes an insidious new tactic of comment spammers:

It appears the spammers have a new tactic in increasing their PageRank. They find a site that doesn’t delete comment spam and fill it with links. Then they boost the PR of that site by spamming it in blog comments. Once the spam-friendly’s site has in increased Google ranking, all those spammed links in their comments will get a boost in rank as well.

So, if I had left all those spams I might have seen a rank boost? Can I put them back?

Just kidding. I think.