Review: Purple Rain

As mentioned a while back on MO, PURPLE RAIN is finally getting its due for the home theater. From the review at DVDFile:

But it is the music that makes Purple Rain still worth revisiting. It was the zenith of Prince’s career, when he was at his peak as a commercial artist. Mixing funk, rock, pop, new wave, soul and gospel, he blazed a trail not only for African-American artists, but modern American music. The riffs, the melodies, the lyrics – all seem effortless and fit together like some cosmic jigsaw puzzle, as if Prince was just channeling some sort of higher musical power that said “if you build it, they will come.” It is hard to define that elusive thing called magic, but in 1984 Prince had it in spades. The musical sequences in Purple Rain are still blistering, and even if director Albert Magnoli shoots the whole thing like one long music video, the concert footage is ranks as some of the best ever seen in a motion picture.

Go read the whole thing.

So, if there are any people out there who like Prince and Aliens, you won’t have to moan about AvP for too long. PURPLE RAIN streets on the 24th.


  1. The heck with Purple Rain and the prince of whimpdom! Purple Haze by my man, the king, Jimmie Hendricks is F*cking awesome!

  2. Dear KTLA, Could you translate ‘Que?’ into English. I do believe you’re asking: Who was Jimmy Hendrix? Sorry, I spelled his name wrong in my original post. It was late, I was tired and stoned. I know excuses are like……well you know!

  3. I was mainly wondering why you bothered posting that you don’t like the artist being discussed, then informed us who you *do* like, as though we were in fact discussing who was better, Prince or Jimi. I mean, I have no problem with Jimi, it’s just not really relevant to the topic at hand.