I’m shocked, SHOCKED to see sexy outfits in beach volleyball

Beach volleyball’s bikini cheerleaders stir up a storm

Scandalous behavior in Athens:

A bikini-clad team of cheerleaders at the Olympic beach volleyball tournament are not proving popular with everyone.

Fans arriving at the Olympic Beach Volleyball Center by the Greek coast on Saturday were greeted by the sight of 12 women wearing skimpy, orange bikinis and dancing up a storm in the sand.

It’s sad to see the ancient and distinguished game that used to be a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport a battleground where rival ideologies can slug it out with glee.

What a crock.

Australian player Nicole Sanderson was not impressed. “It’s disrespectful to have other girls in bikinis out there dancing,” she said while her partner, Sydney gold medallist Natalie Cook, said that if there were men out on the court dancing it could equal things out.

Ah, Nicole Sanderson thinks it’s disrespectful to have “girls in bikinis out there dancing.”

Here are some shots of Ms. Sanderson in action:

#13:sanderson1.jpg sanderson4.jpg Blue hat:sanderson2.jpg sanderson3.jpg

Looking at these, it’s obvious why the prude Sanderson is opposed to exploiting the female form for attention.

If you reread her quote, you’ll see she said it was disrespectful to have “other girls” out there flaunting it to the crowd. That, at least, is an honest admission.


  1. Heck, Isn’t that what the Olympics is all about: Bronzed athletic bodies pumped up on steroids? They can keep the tattoos and body piercing however. If I wanted to see those things I’d just visit the local mall on a hot day.

  2. As I recall, the contestants in the original olympics participated in the nude. There’s a funny scene in the movie about the renewal of the Olympics in 1896, in which the athletes started to come out nude, then went back and put some clothes on.