Was another Stryker RPGed at some point?

Speedy Strykers Survive (Aug 14 entry)

This Strategy Page post touches on the fact that the Stryker is doing just fine so far in Iraq. (See my recent post, as well.)

The action in and around Mosul is not as heavy as it is down around Baghdad. But there are heavily armed Baath party diehards and al Qaeda terrorists up in Mosul. Thus the Stryker brigade has seen a lot of action, some of it quite heavy. It was thought that the Strykers would be very vulnerable to RPGs, but only two vehicles have been lost that way so far. In some actions, platoons (four vehicles) of Strykers had dozens of RPGs fired at them with no serious damage. (emphasis mine)

Have there really been two vehicles lost to RPGs? I’m aware of one lost when (officially) an external gas can was set ablaze by an RPG warhead that had been defeated by the slat armor. Earlier, one had been destroyed by an IED.

These are the only two Strykers I’m aware of being destroyed in combat. Only one was from an RPG, and even that one was a sort of freak hit. There have been a few accidents, and I’ve seen quite a few reports of Strykers damaged in battle, but no total losses. If I’ve missed something, clue me in.