More pics of the XM-109

XM-109 25mm Sniper Rifle

At Strategy Page. See my post on this weapon here.


  1. The link to your earlier post doesn’t seem to be working. That’s a weapon to be carried in a vehicle. The old M60 was about the heaviest thing I’d ever care to lug for miles.

  2. Link fixed. Thanks. My post just notes the SP entry when it first appeared, but I dug up a line drawing of the XM109 somewhere and included it. And yes, that thing looks like a monster. The earlier post includes some commentary about how the weapon will be mis-portrayed by Hollywood.

  3. From the image the ammunition for this weapon seems to be more like grenade-style ammmo like that for the XM-25 than cannon ammo as in what a Bushmaster on the M2 Bradley might carry, which makes the XM-109 sound a little less immpressive somehow. Wasn’t there something somewhere about the Army wanting to replace it’s M2 Browning HMGs with a belt-fed full-auto version of the XM-25?