Somebody help me please

I thought Global Warming was the problem.

But my local TV news just ran a story about the problems associated with this summers cool trend. In my neck of the woods, the Grand Rapids, MI, area, this summer has been 4 degrees cooler than last year, and only twice has the official temperature in Grand Rapids hit 90. (That doesn’t seem right to me, but I’ll let it pass.)

They interviewed a local swimsuit store owner who was having trouble selling swimsuits and a local park ranger who was worried that tourist dollars weren’t rolling in.

So is it warm weather that’s the problem, or cool weather?

This is only four degrees, so we’re obviously not talking The Day After Tomorrow, here. No worries about the coming ice age.

Plus, check out the water levels for Lake Michigan:

The levels I noted in early July seem to be holding about steady, relatively speaking, and they’re slightly higher than the extremely low levels we had last year. In other words, they’re more toward the long-term average.

So what’s the excitement all about?

When temps are up a bit, water levels are down (bad). But when temps are down a bit, swimsuit stores, many of which probably opened or expanded their shops based on a season or two of NON-TYPICAL weather, suffer (bad).

Temps are down four degrees from last year. Good? Bad?



  1. Good? Bad Ugly? YOU ASK. Global warming has been blown out of proportion by the liberal, scare-mongering, pseudo-ecologists. Here’s a REAL good, bad, ugly scenario: Good….

  2. A friend’s mom knows someone who was thrown out of a car in an accident and therefore didn’t go into the lake with the car – saving her life, presumably. Now she won’t wear a seatbelt because her evidence shows that wearing a seatbelt will kill you in an accident.

  3. MP: Wow. That’s weird. Really weird. Really, incredibly, amazingly weird. I once had a friend who survived a motorcycle accident because not wearing his helmet (so he claimed) allowed his head to go between two fence posts. He used that as his reason for not wearing a helmet. It didn’t end well for him. Is that a true story about your friend’s mom, or is it meant to illustrate a point related to this post? I think I’m missing something. Sorry if I don’t get it. Please clarify.

  4. I think MP was saying that just because temperatures are down in Michigan this year, doesn’t mean global warming isn’t happening. If you do a little research on global warming, (Toejam’s useless comments about liberal media aside) you will find that the average temperature worldwide has risen a degree or two, and is expected to rise another couple degrees. Some places will get hotter and some cooler as wind and ocean current patterns change. The biggest issue associated with global warming (IMHO) is the projected melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, raising ocean levels by a couple/few feet. Regardless of all of that, annual fluctuations in one locality may or may not have anything to do with climate change. Sometimes its a little hotter than usual in Michigan, sometimes its colder than usual. Let me just address one more thing: Toejam: How is global warming a liberal vs. conservative thing? Opinions about what policies we should/shouldn’t implement to address global warming may differ on those grounds, but well researched and reviewed science tells us that it is happening.

  5. Chuck (and maybe MP if Chuck is right): I didn’t write that I didn’t think that Global Warming wasn’t happening. Neither did I write that Michigan temperatures proved/disproved Global Warming. I meant to point out the coverage that temperature and its victims are getting in my neck of the woods. Basically, that no matter what happens, they’ve got a sob story for us. Numbers do indicate that temperatures are going up slightly. Considering that we’re talking about global trends, I think most folks are way too narrow-minded about it (‘It seems WAY hotter now than when I was a kid – we’re all doomed!’) and I also think that the source(s) of the warming trend needs to be openly considered. That being said, I still don’t know if warming is good or bad. And I still really don’t get MP’s analogy, if that’s what it was.

  6. Dear Chuck, My previous comments (‘Toejam’s useless comments about liberal media aside’) weren’t totally useless. They annoyed the heck out of you and that merits a CHUCKIE MELT-DOWN!

  7. Attention MO readers! Please NO MELTING-DOWN OF OTHER READERS It’s hard enough building hits without some readers being turned into a puddle of goo. Carry on.

  8. No, *melting* down. See, it’s a global warming thing! Get it? While I would *never* say that I agree with MP on really any topic (jk…sort of), I have to say that I think the use of local and/or anecdotal evidence to either support or refute global warming is not particularly useful.

  9. I know two folks who will not wear seatbelts because not wearing them saved them. (Really) That aside, the Earth’s average temperature changes. 10,00 years ago I would have been under a mile of ice, in the Middle Ages Finland had vineyards. We are actually coming out of a period of cool temps. I own many 1970’s Mother Earth News which scream about Global Cooling and the New Ice Age. Good reads- Ecoscam by Bartley? or The Sceptical Environmentalist by Lomborg (The book Denmark doesn’t want you to read.) The reason GW is seen as Liberal is that some on the left blame it on humans and or want to ‘solve’ the problem even with no proof it exists, or is a problem. One guy is famous for saying that getting scientific evidence of a problem would get in the way of fixing it. Climate will change, I suggest you find a diet broader than wooly mammoth and giant ground sloth.

  10. I am not using local and/or anecdotal evidence to either support or refute Global Warming. I only mentioned Global Warming because of the Global Warming-related coverage the summer temperatures have received in recent years to contrast the cool-temperature news I saw last night. In case someone missed it: I am not using local and/or anecdotal evidence to either support or refute Global Warming. Warmer temperatures (Global or otherwise) have received a fair amount of negative coverage in the past five to ten years. I think we’ll all agree to that, whether we believe it or not. A sob story about cooler temperatures is NOT standard fare. I think we’ll all agree to that, whether we believe it or not. That is why the story stuck out to me, and why it makes me think ‘you can’t have it both ways.’ That’s what I meant to convey in my post, and rereading it I think I was fairly clear. And as far as Liberal/Conservative support/denial of Global Warming, I’d guess that most (i.e., more than 50.0%) believers in human-caused Global Warming are Liberal or Liberal-leaning, and that most deniers of human caused Global Warming are Conservative or Conservative-leaning. I could be wrong, but that’s been my experience.