Dayhawk Flying Missions

The Gray Dragon (Aug 22, 2004 entry)

The gray-colored F-117A stealth fighter apparently is flying day and night missions. I take this to mean mission over Iraq or Afghanistan, but that isn’t clear. I noted the plan to test the gray stealths in December. According to Strategy Page:

The test aircraft, nicknamed “Dragon,” has now been dubbed the “Gray Dragon.” If the gray pattern is successful, the current fleet of fifty-five F-117 will be repainted in the two-tone scheme. It won’t be the first time the F-117 has operated in different colors. During the mid-90s, the Air Force experimented with a camouflage scheme that was a gray scheme with swaths of brown and blue to break up the shape, but someone high in the chain of command allegedly demanded an all-black color scheme for the fleet.

See my December post for a pic.