This cannot possibly be true, can it?

Has Kerry Backed Off Of First Purple Heart Claim?

Captain’s Quarters notes that the Kerry campaign may be admitting that Kerry’s first Purple Heart may have been received for a self-inflicted wound. (Reminder: Self-inflicted wounds are worthy of decoration if earned in combat and (presumably) not intentional.)

Things aren’t really clear to me right now. An update to the post gives Drudge as a source, so I’d like to see a little more reliable info. I’ve got to dismiss this as wrong. Maybe Kerry did get his medals for self-inflicted wounds, but his campaign would never admit it even if they knew it. That would be stupid, because it would be an admission that you were LYING. And they wouldn’t lie unless they were 100% positive that they could not get caught.

If this is true, it’s another torpedo into the hull of they Kerry campaign. I hope Chris Matthews will have Michelle Malkin back on to discuss the developments. (via Instapundit)

UPDATE: I inadvertently left out a major point to this development: Kerry may not have been in combat when he received the wound. It is actually this point that I meant to say would indicate LYING on the part of Kerry and his campaign if it turned out to be true. Go read the CQ post for more details.

Of course, even if Kerry WAS under fire when he accidentally fragged himself, it would contradict very passionate testimony from just about everyone in the Kerry camp.