Power to the Iraqis

Quagmire Update

Bill Hobbs notes a USA Today article that says

For the first time since Baghdad fell April 9, the capital city and most of the country have enjoyed four straight days without a significant outage. Coalition officials are optimistic they can keep the lights on because sabotage and looting has dropped and electricity output is near prewar levels. “The power situation has not been this good since before the Kuwait war,” says security guard Majid Abdul Reza, 27. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990.

and that the street price for small home generators has dropped from $140 to $65 in the last week. I recall that it was significantly higher earlier in the year. Now, do you believe Maureen Dowd, et. al, or do you believe supply and demand?

Hobbs also notes

Of course, I fully expect the French media to report that Baghdad merchants who sell power generators are suffering economically because of actions by the U.S.-lead Coalition Provisional Authority.

That’s a good point, but I would have said “NPR” even before I would have said “the French.” As I mentioned earlier, I expect that one year from now the power in Baghdad will be better than the power in Paris and Rome. And maybe even New York City.