Nefarious political plot of the day

Liberal Radio Network Air America Begins A MAJOR MARKET TEST

Joe at The Command Post notes that Clear Channel Communications is going to begin airing the struggling Air America in the San Diego area on a station recently reflagged as K-LSD. (I’m not making those call letters up, either.)

Joe notes that’s its a little strange to see Texas-based (and therefore obviously a Bush puppet) Clear Channel Communications making this move. He points out that an executive at CCC is a major donor to Bush campaigns and that this is probably a purely business-based decision.

MO has another theory. MO thinks that this may be just another ploy by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. And the ploy works like this:

Get the Left’s message out to the masses. This annoys the masses. Most of the masses don’t really understand what the Left is really about. Most of the masses don’t really know John Kerry. As they learn more, they become less Left. This allows the Right to undermine the Kerry campaign and the Left’s agenda while appearing to “play nice”.

I’m not saying that I think this. I’m saying that maybe CCC thinks this.

Well, okay. I admit it. I do think this. I don’t know if CCC thinks this, but I suspect that it might be the result.