Coincidentally, three Prince movies on DVD come out today

Royally wrong

On Joanne Jacobs:

Purple is replacing red as the color of correction, according to this Boston Globe story. Red is too associated with wrongness. Green and yellow don’t offer enough contrast. Orange is too close to red. Purple is “friendlier.” So pen makers are boosting production of purple pens and office supply stores are thinking purple.

I used a purple marker last night to correct a quiz I gave my kids on THE HOBBIT, which we’re studying this summer. After reading this, I might ban the use of purple ink to correct papers just on the principle of the thing.

It reminds me a sequence in MANHUNTER, which I watched this past weekend. FBI agent Graham is questioning Hannibal Lecktor, who is trying to get him to claim that he thinks he’s smarter than Lecktor:

I know that I’m not smarter than you.

Then how did you catch me?

You had disadvantages.

What disadvantages?

You’re insane.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m an agent of good just trying to do my job, and Public Education is a sort of flesh-eating homicidal maniac. I’m not smarter than Public Education. But I’m going to win in the end.