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Busy weekend for me, but that doesn’t mean the world let up on craziness.

Madonna’s friends to join her in Israel

On’s The Scoop:

The Reinvented singer — who has become a leading proponent of Kabbalah — will be making a pilgrimage to Tel Aviv in September to celebrate the Jewish holidays, and a source says that she will be joined by hunky actor Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, as well as Donna Karan.

The source says the “Van Helsing” star and the designing woman have become “quite involved” in the controversial offshoot of Judaism. “We still haven’t gotten a confirmation from Demi [Moore] and Ashton [Kutcher],” says the insider. “[Moore is] shooting a movie [“Half Light”] in Wales and might not be able to join us.”

I wonder where she and all of her Kabbalah friends would pilgrimage to if the politics she claims to support were put in place. I’m pretty sure that Tel Aviv would not be a healthy place for any sort of Judaism if they were, being as it would be part of Syria or Lebanon or Palestine or something.

Fortunately, Tel Aviv is free and this sort of crap can go on as scheduled:

What’s more, says the source, the ABC news magazine “20/20” will be filming the entire event and interviewing the Kabbalah Centre’s leader, Rabbi Philip Berg — his first time ever on camera. A spokeswoman for the show told The Scoop, “I can’t confirm that.” Karan’s rep couldn’t be reached and Jackman’s said he had no info on the story.

“It will be quite the media event for Kabbalah,” says the source. “This all comes a month before a publicity extravaganza in October, including a billboard on Sunset Boulevard to promote a book on the red string — which wards off the evil eye — as the got-to-have religious fashion accessory of the season.”

All seems pretty heartfelt, genuine, and sincere to me.

Maybe we could get all the Kabbalah celebrities to square off against all the Scientology celebrities in a fight to the death cage match. I’d pony up fifty bucks to watch that on pay-per-view.