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ELECTRONIC BATTLEFIELD: The EB-52 (Sep 6, 2004 entry)

Strategy Page has a post today about the EB-52 project.

The EB-52, a heavy bomber serving as an electronics warfare aircraft, is in the works . In July, the USAF began working on the introduction a stand-off jammer (SOJ) electronic warfare version of the B-52 bomber, to enter service as soon as possible. The plan calls for development and fielding of a long-range radar-jamming/radar spoofing under-wing electronics pod. An initial purchase of 12 pods, to be carried by 16 B-52Hs, is being reworked into the 2005 budget.

This project has been talked about for some time, and Strategy Page had good post on it earlier in the summer, if I recall correctly. But this entry has more specifics and dates. Go read.