Iran, Rockets, and “What could possibly go wrong?”

AE Brain has two posts up on what should be considered scary developments in ol’ Persia:

Purely for Civil Purposes

Iran plans to launch a satellite using its own booster sometime next year.

To launch a fairly expensive satellite like this with a home-grown booster just doesn’t make any sense, it’s just throwing money away in massive quantities, with an excellent chance of launch failure. You can pay $1 million and have a 95% chance of success, or pay $20 million and have at least a 50% chance of losing your $20 million satellite. Only one explanation is credible.

Launching a satellite like this “with Iranian technology” means they’re developing IRBMs. Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles, with ranges way in excess of anything the Pakistanis or Indians have tested. And possibly longer, true ICBMs. Add this to the Iranian Nuclear program, and Alarm Bells should be ringing. Not just in Washington or Tel Aviv, either. London may or may not be in range, but Berlin and Moscow almost certainly are.

File this under “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

And on the lighter side of things:

Civil Purposes Updated

Iran plans to demonstrate its Shahab-3 defensive missile for observers. That’s how a doomsday device becomes a doomsday device. You demonstrate it so that there’s no doubt about its capabilities, then you glare icily at your enemies and dare them to do something about it.

The post also discusses the recent failed test of an Arrow missile defense system, which Israel hopes will protect it from doomsday devices. With pictures.

Go read.


  1. With the US bogged down in Iraq, over some twobit dictator. The country with ‘REAL’ WMDs(Iran and North korea) are posing the threat

  2. Iran is on its way to nuclear weapons. This will endanger Israel, all the US forces in the Middle East, Southern Europe. This will increase Iran’s power of intimidation. It may also open up the Pandora’s Box of nuclear proliferation. Iran must be stopped. Who will do it? Mohammed elBaradei and the IAEA will not. I doubt that John Kerry would. I am not sure that George Bush will. I do not know what Ariel Sharon means when he says that the US and Israel are coordinated strategically. Perhaps there is a plan. Let us hope so. Iran is a terror exporting state capable of the cruelest kinds of murder while denying its involvement. These bastards are smart, and are fooling everyone by their policy of openly telling the world that they are now producing uranium hexaflouride. Milnet has researched and produced a list of targets for a possible deterrent strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. Let us all pray that the leaders of the US and Israel will by late this November know what to do. One more thought. The Islamic fundamentalists may bring the West down. They will not inherit the world. The Chinese have helped the Iranians in the past and may be helping them now with their missile programs. The Chinese are a candidate for inheriting the human future.