Well, at least the media is giving equal coverage to service questions about both candidates

The current MSNBC.com front page:

bushng1.jpg and bushng2.jpg

I don’t have screenshots, but we did get about three (maybe even four) minutes of coverage for the Switftboat Vets’ charges.

Well, it mostly consisted of charges that the SwiftBoat Vets weren’t reliable and that personal attacks on a candidate were bad form, but I expect that soon we will see some serious investigative journalists digging into this latest Bush was AWOL story and questioning the motives of those making the claims.

Bush should have seen this coming when he made his Air National Guard service the cornerstone of his campaign. When Rove has to admit that Bush wasn’t in Texas on May Day, 1972, but only “near” the border, it is going to be DELICIOUS!

And I can’t wait to see Chris Matthews rip into some author over this after inviting her onto his show to discuss her new book.

They report. We decide.


  1. personally, I can’t wait for all the stories that are supposedly being prepared right now investigating what Kerry was doing when he went to Paris. He claims to have only gone once, but if that isn’t true, he was breaking some serious laws in meeting with representatives of an enemy government.