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Let me know if you come across any other irregularities. Problems with superscripted fonts are exempt — Don’t tell me about them.



  1. You can’t get me with that th thingy, Murdoc! There’s no ‘th’ in ‘Airborne Combat Engineer.’ Don’t rest to easy on those fake documents. Word is CBS has an e-mail LTC Killian sent in ’72, and somebody is delivering his entire PC to CBS. 😉 On a more serious note, the DNC appears to be launching a concerted attack on Bush’s military service. AGAIN. They tried this to no avail in 2000. The Swift Boat attacks hurt Kerry because he tried to justify a vote for him as CinC based on his 4 months of service in Vietnam. The attacks on Bush’s service will not convert many undecided voters because Bush has a proven record in the War on Islamic Radicals since 9/11. He’s never emphasized his military service. He’s only said he served in the TANG and he got an honorable discharge. Bush has said Kerry should be proud of his military service and that it was more significant than his own. That’s taking the high road. Kerry, on the other hand, has said there are questions about Bush’s serive. That’s taking the low road. Politically speaking, the Kerry Kamp and the DNC are just wasting precious time, like they did in August (a disastrous month for them). They should be taking Slick Willy’s advise and be trying to show how Kerry’s policies and plans (the latest versions, that is) are better than Bush’s. Instead they are preaching to their choir, which will believe anything they say.

  2. ACE: Re: the ‘th’ thingy – what are you talking about? This document is entirely consistent with the way business is done at this time. Re: the way Bush and Kerry have approached each others’ military service – you are right on the button. Sure, I don’t doubt that the kind words Bush has for Kerry’s service is no more than political lip service, and I can entirely understand why a guy that served (even if for only about six weeks after all the training, etc. is discounted) on the ‘front lines’ in Vietnam would be more than a little disgruntled about a guy in the Air National Guard. But Bush has never held up his service as something for everyone to worship like Kerry has. Kerry is running the worst presidential campaign I’ve seen. I just can’t understand why they’re so inept. (As for the documents, I don’t really think they were created by the Kerry camp. Even if the Kerry people turned them over to CBS, I don’t think they MADE them. But they were either hoaxed by them or they suspected they might be forgeries and just threw them out into the ring, leaving CBS to drop the ball on vetting them. Or maybe they’re legit, though I really doubt it at this point.)