Does it matter if he’s telling the truth, or is the seriousness of the charge enough?

U.S. servicemen react to Bush Guard memos

AP notes a Navy SEAL and Vietnam veteran who weighs in on the Bush memos:

A group sponsoring television ads challenging his wartime record contends Kerry’s own gunfire caused the wound that brought his first Purple Heart. Navy records and other veterans do not support the charge.

Ahmad Majied of Albany says the latest allegations about Bush’s military record are more troubling to him than allegations about service honors leveled at Democratic challenger Kerry.

Majied, a Democrat from Albany who served 30 years in the Navy, including five years as a SEAL in Vietnam, said the memos support his belief that Bush was a “playboy” during his service years.

“He had enough money to get what he wanted,” Majied said. “I think his main concern was not to go to Southeast Asia. I bet he never dreamed it would come back to haunt him.”

Wow. That’s some serious analysis of the docuements and the issue.

One nit to pick, though.

Majied apparently was never a SEAL., a website run by former SEALs which is dedicated to exposing SEAL fakers. They claim that Majied was never a SEAL.

So the AP is running a story where a guy who quite possibly wasn’t a SEAL claims that documents that quite possibly were forged support his beliefs.

What about our beliefs? Again, it took the internet only a couple of hours to raise questions about the identity of this guy. Like the latest Bush memos, this guy could really be the real deal. But it doesn’t look good. And, also like the Bush documents, I’ll bet no one from the reporting organization follows up.

(Found on Free Republic)

UPDATE: Seems that this isn’t as cut and dried as I made it sound. Check the FR post for more info.

In any event, it doesn’t change the fact that this guy’s opinion doesn’t lend anything of value to the forgery discussion. Developing…