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Art show sees Europe as ‘new Roman Empire’

A reader sends me this link about an exhibit co-ordinated by the European Commission and sponsored by the European Council that outlines European Union plans to become the next superpower. It’s called “The Image of Europe”.

The pop-art collage mounted in a tent outside the European Commission narrates 50 years of EU history and projects events into the future in an unusually frank display of European ambition.

Segments sketched across 80 yards of canvas predict that the 21st century will be the “European Century” as the EU pushes its borders deep into Eurasia, North Africa, and the Middle East and comes to dominate world affairs through its vast “legal and moral reach”.

Under the heading the “Roman Empire returns”, it says the EU will be renamed “The Union” once it grows to 50 states over the next three decades.

Isn’t that slightly bizarre? I thought we were the bad guys because we were like the Roman Empire.

The story also notes that the collage claims the world will move to a Euro-based standard due to US deficits. The reader notes


At least we get rid of the UN HQ.

As I noted last year, the UN HQ is in serious trouble already.


  1. Before becoming a credible successor to the Romans, the EU might consider increasing military spending above its current 2% gdp level. Otherwise, it’s a paper tiger. Also, reaching 5 states and calling yourself ‘the union’ have already been done, by another continental power that has at times been compared to late Republican Rome. Lame-o copycats.