Aren’t digital cameras fun?

We’re still on vacation in South Dakota, so I’ll make your day by sharing some pictures.

Here I am near the top of Little Devil’s Tower in Custer State Park a couple of days ago:


Am I good looking, or what?

Also, I happened to catch this sign along the way:


I’m told that sign has been there since 1973. But does that font match?

And last but not least, a challenge for MO readers. Tell me what’s wrong here:


(Click for larger image) It was taken at the South Dakota Air & Space Museum near Ellsworth AFB. If you spot a mismatched superscript or other error, note it in the comments.


  1. I can’t see your images from my lake computer, for some reason. Can you provide the direct link to the image at the museum site? I love a challenge. If not, I’ll look it it Monday night, when at my other computer.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Mail Call, Gene. Gunny goes through a lot of watermelons, firing from about 25 yds away. I noticed he let the muzzle creep up when firing a burst. The demo guys hold it level. The thing looks awkward to me, but I shouldn’t judge until I get a chance to fire one. I want the compact with the 9 inch barrel, chambered for 10mm (a long .40 cal.).

  3. Maybe they mean 3 stages? There may be four exhausts but they’re all fed from the same Thiokol M55 solid-fuel rocket. BTW, been an avid reader of your site for quite some time, great stuff!