Torching the smoking gun?

What Weapons of Mass Destruction Evidence Have We Found In Iraq?

This post on Strategy Page (and in this case the permalink works) by Dan Masterson notes some more excerpts from David Kay’s report on WMD and includes some pics. One thing noted is that Iraq’s WMD programs have always been very cellular and insulated from not only the rest of the military and scientific communities, but also from each other. Also, the “sanitization” of WMD research sites has continued since the major combat died down. The picture above is of a

Storage room in basement of Revolutionary Command Council Headquarters. Burned frames of PC workstations visible on shelves. All rooms sharing walls with this storage room were untouched from fire or battle damage.

Still, I’m amazed that we haven’t found much in the way of “hard” evidence so far, despite continuing cleaning by Saddam loyalists of both sites and people.

Also, it’s interesting to note that David Kay himself seems surprised by the negative reaction to his report.

He said Iraqis have told him that until early 2002, they were able to make missile fuel for the long-range Scuds that were fired at Israel and Saudi Arabia in the 1991 Gulf War, then banned under U.N. restrictions.

“Scud-missile fuel is only useful in Scud missiles, no other class of missiles that Iraq has . . . Why would you continue to produce Scud-missile fuel if you didn’t have Scuds? We’re looking for the Scuds,” he said.

He sounds convinced that there are big fish out there to reel in.

I’m not sure about the Scud fuel thought, upon reflection. Is Scud fuel really that different from fuel for other missiles? How about those al-Samoud 2s? With my bad internet connection, I’m not going to investigate it right now. Does anyone out there have an opinion on that?


  1. I asked my girlfriend about David Kay’s report, and what she had heard about it. Her response? ‘Didn’t it just say they hadn’t found and WMD?’ None of the news coverage she had heard mentioned anything except the absense of actual weapons. She was shocked when I informed her of what *ELSE* was in the report. ***