Those Australians sure are unilateral cowboys, aren’t they?

UN risks sliding into irrelevance: Australia

The puppet regime of Australia’s Bush-appointed ambassador to the United Nations had some pretty strong words the other day.

“The UN is a vital institution that does great humanitarian work but it must now strengthen its capacity to deal effectively with the problems we now face or risk sliding into irrelevance,” Ambassador Dauth told the UN General Assembly.

“Terrorism will not simply fade away. In response we, the international community, can not allow security threats to fester,” he said.

“Australia has long advocated the need for UN reform,” he said, citing calls for change made by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in 2000.

“This warning was before September 11, before coalition action in Afghanistan and Iraq, and before the terrorist bombings in Bali, Jakarta, Madrid, Istanbul and many other locations,” he said.

“If the need for reform was pressing then, it is critical now,” he said in a speech that closed the annual two week debate of world leaders at UN headquarters in New York.


UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has appointed a high-level panel, due to report in December with proposals about reforming the UN system.

That, apparently, is why the Sudan is being ignored.

The UN chief has also repeatedly spoken out against the concern about terrorism by Western nations, saying most people around the world have more pressing issues such as poverty, sanitation and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

What’s nice about poverty, sanitation, and HIV/AIDS problems is that you can just collect some money and appoint a few commissions and sit back to “fight the good fight” against things that have always existed and will always exist. You don’t really have to, you know, DO something.

If the UN doesn’t exist to address issues like international terrorism, North Korea, and the Sudan, why does it exist at all? (via AEB at TCP)

UPDATE: It’s been a while since I posted my babUN graphic, so here it is.
I don’t really have any idea why I think it’s appropriate. Like all great works of art, I guess it simply speaks for itself.