NO, NO, NO! It’s the REPUBLICANS who will try to steal the election

Voter Fraud: Is Ohio Ground Zero?

I thought it was Bush and Diebold who were going to steal the election. Really. In fact, I mentioned to someone that either side could potentially cheat this fall and was told that it didn’t seem likely that the Dems would do such a thing.

Bill Hobbs noticed a story in the Columbus Dispatch about a county in Ohio with 2,000 more registered voters than residents. And applications were still coming in by the truckload.

Probably all of those non-partisan “get out the vote” efforts. Non-existent people of both sides are registering, it seems.


In Lake County, Ohio, the “non partisan” voter registration project of the NAACP and America Coming Together, helped to register a dead man to vote. What are the chances that its an isolated incident? What are the chances that, out of thousands of voter registration forms, there was only one from a dead guy – and the elections officials managed to spot that one, lone, solitary, dead guy’s voter registration form?

America Coming Together is an organization backed by billionaire George Soros, who has donated millions to liberal and left-wing organizations dedicated to defeating George W. Bush.

It’s all probably part of GW’s secret planTM to divert attention from the electronic rip-off planned for November. Soros and the NAACP are just innocent pawns of the VRWC.