Via Stryker Brigade News:


Click for a bigger pic. The 172nd Infantry Brigade (the Snow Hawks) is transitioning to the Stryker.

UPDATE: Another find via Stryker Brigade News:


Click for a bigger pic. Two things strike me about this photo. First is the spare tire chained to the top above the rear hatch. I had read previously that unlike the Marines’ LAVs, Strykers were not going to carry spare tires. Apparently the troops felt that the Marines may have had it right.

Secondly, the hatch swings open to the side. A previous photo on MO showed the hatch lowered to the ground. What gives?

Wait, I’ve got it. Apparently there is a smaller hatch that swings open within a larger ramp that folds down. This latest photo shows just the hatch open and the ramp is in the upright and locked position.

If I’m wrong about this, please put me in my place.

Also, I notice that neither of the troops here have their combat patches on their right shoulder. I was under the impression that the entire brigade had received combat patches in March. Was it not the entire brigade? Or are these possibly replacements? Or do they just not have combat patches on every single uniform? Armchair troopers want to know.

And check out the MNF page where this pic is from. There are several pictures of captured weapons caches. Sorta looks like Robert’s basement.


  1. Murdoc, I just found your site and I’m going back through some Stryker-related threads. Good site, by the way. To answer your questions: Some guys are carrying a spare tire, since IED hits often flatten the tires, but do no other damage. This helps for quick repairs to continue the mission at normal (very fast) roadspeeds without heading back to camp for a tire. The ramp does indeed have a door set into it. Finally, not all of the troops wear the combat patches every day, because they have a mix of older uniforms with sew-on patches and newer uniforms with shoulder pockets and velcro in places where you put all patches except US Army and nametapes. The 2 ID combat patches sometimes fall off the velcro if they snag on something. Cheers,