2298 blocks in 47 days

MT-Blacklist has blocked nearly 3000 spam comments in the 47 days since I installed it on MO. In addition, I’ve used the handy e-mail (and de-spam after adding an entry via the email feature) to delete at least 500 other that were posted.

If you have an MovableType site, you have comments, and you have spam, you had better get MT-Blacklist. Apparently the MT 3.x version is not yet available. Until it is, I will not be upgrading. No matter how man safeguards are present in the latest versions of MT.

UPDATE: WRONG! It looks as if MT-Blacklist version 2.01b is the MT 3.x version. The MT-Blacklist page isn’t real clear.

Great. Now I have to start thinking about upgrading. Anyone have any pro/con thoughts about upgrading to MT 3.11?