Book him, Danno

GOP wants Moore charged for college tour handouts

I happened to catch this story on the local news last night. (Yeah, yeah. It was after the Twins-Yankees game and I wasn’t quick enough with the remote to avoid glimpsing a television newscast. I’m still suffering the effects of watching Dan Rather more than three weeks ago.)

It seems that Michael Moore, in the middle of his renowned Slacker Uprising Tour, has been giving out Ramen noodles and packages of Hanes underwear to college students who promise to register to vote.

This is illegal, and the GOP wants to prosecute.

Under Michigan law, it is a misdemeanor crime to offer or receive something of value in exchange for voting, agreeing to vote, inducing or attempting to induce a vote. The crime is punishable by a fine of up to $500 and/or 90 days in jail.

I find this quite amusing. Silly, really, but amusing.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III declined comment, saying he had not yet seen the letter as of late Tuesday afternoon. But, he said, such complaints are not uncommon. Prosecutions, he said, are rare.


“It seems like every election season someone wants me to file a complaint against a political opponent for some silly reason,” Dunnings said.

Wow. Think about that for a second. If the silliness of the lawbreaking charges is nullified by the silliness of Michael Moore’s passing out of incentives to register to vote, we’re left with lawbreaking charges for passing out incentives to register to vote.

My local news station reported that someone (I don’t know quite who) said that this was nothing but “political grandstanding” by the GOP.

What strange world is this when critics of Michael Moore’s theatrics are dismissed as political grandstanders?


  1. Put Moore in jail and he will be even moore popular, and he will make a movie about how meesed up the jail/prison system is. Politcal energy would be better put into preventing voting fraud, not against those who promote voting…however badly.

  2. Amen, Sam. Too much outrage about the lack of outrage about outrageous things. Or sometimes about the outrage over outrageous things. In sum, too much ‘outrage’ and hyperbole.

  3. Yea it’s breaking the law, but…… sure does seem like working yourself up over a Mickey Mouse issue. I guess if you’re doging bullets or wondering where your next meal is coming from; stuff like a self promoting left wing demogogue (did I spell that right? LOL!)violating a minor law probably isn’t on your personal radar. And another thing! I saw him spitting, yes, spitting! on the sidewalk!!! The nerve! LOL!