Blogads on MO

Some may have noticed the addition of a Blogads adstrip to my site. Hosting the site isn’t totally free, and though I don’t really want to ask for or accept donations, I will gladly sell a little advertising space.

Current rates are $10 for a week, $10 for two weeks, and $10 for a month. For a limited time, if you purchase an ad I will send you a code for an additional add of equal time at no cost.

The reason I point this out today is that I sold my first ad yesterday. The Blogads model seems to be a good one, and if it works as advertised I’ll continue to use it.

MO’s Blogads policy:

  • I reserve the right to accept or reject ads. Although I plan to be pretty open about what I take, I will always put the site and its readers first. I’m talking about truly offensive stuff here, not opposing political viewpoints. If you think you can sell Michael Moore books or John Kerry T-shirts to MO readers, I will gladly host your ad and accept your money.
  • I will not publish more than three ads simultaneously. (I should be so lucky!) This will ensure better exposure for those who decide to advertise on MO.
  • Advertisements are paid advertisements. They are not endorsements of any kind. Although I will try to keep an eye on exactly what appears in my adstrip, I am not responsible for what you find at the other end. Tread carefully.
  • Did I mention that if you buy an ad, you get a code for another ad FREE? (Limited time only.)
  • Like MO’s comments policy, I am making this one up as I go along. If there’s a problem, email me. We’ll figure something out.

There you have it. For the record, I haven’t read Ann Coulter’s new book. But if you’re interested, follow the ad and see what the deal is.

Plus, making a Blogad just takes a couple of minutes and there are a lot of sites taking ads for $10. If you’ve got something to advertise, go check it out.

UPDATE 12/04/2004: Clarification:

The limit of three ads running at once will be restated as three PAID ads running at once. Free ads will not count toward the three ad limit. In addition, free ads will always be placed below paid ads, otherwise ads will be displayed in the order received.

Effective immediately.

Plus, notice that rates have gone up a little and that the free month deal is no longer in effect. Check the order form.