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I’ve been wanting to update the story of New Jersey Middle School teacher Shiba Pillai-Diaz, but I haven’t been able to put together a decent post. I won’t tonight, either.

The story certainly seems to be going on, keeping a high level of weirdness, and failing to register on Big Media in any way at all.

A number of readers, including one who claims to work in the school district in question, have commented on my earlier posts. Go read if interested.

There is certainly more going on than we’re hearing, but first of all it’s hearsay (on both sides) and second of all we’re not hearing much except the same recycled quotes.

There’s no doubt that the Conservative side of the blogosphere (including me) jumped on this. And I stand by my earlier claims that calling for John Kerry’s picture next to the president’s picture is stupid and that Big Media would be covering a story about a teacher and her John Kerry picture far differently, no matter what the facts were.

Still, one thing that I’ve seen in several places and was mentioned again in one of the comments tonight is the practice of mobbing individuals with phone calls and emails because of some connection to one story of outrage or another.

Lay off, folks. Don’t make fools out of yourself and tarnish the growing reputation of the swarming network of independent journalists.

I will revisit this. Probably tomorrow.


  1. Putting up pictures of the Presidents is not a political statment. However, putting up a picture of a politcal contender is a politcal statment. So (normally) putting up a picture of Bush probably isn’t political, but a picture of Kerry is.

  2. I totally agree. However, that’s not the ‘real’ reason she was reprimmanded. It had everything to do with her prior behavior in the classroom about politics… and an appeasement to the parents/students — Because if the picture still hung on her ‘personal bulletin board’, it would probably bring to the surface anger from the parents and students over previous politically biased comments she has made in the classroom. I think that even if she eliminated this behavior from her teaching methods… controversy would still brew. Little did the principal know that Ms. Pillai-Diaz would go running to the press screaming Republican-bashing and the controversy would be worse. That’s why I don’t envy the job of principals these days… too many tough decisions… and people react too quickly to judge.