For the first time ever, the number of comments on this site exceed the number of posts I’ve written.

To be fair, I’ve written a lot of the comments, too, so I’m still out-writing you guys on my own site. But that’s as it should be, right? And thanks to MT-Blacklist, there’s no spam in the comments.

Anyway, thanks to all who have commented. You almost always add a lot to the discussion, and I expecially appreciate the comments (and emails) pointing out errors or additional information for me to consider.

Although an admitted Conservative and biased more than a bit to the Right, I welcome rational comments and discussion from the “other side” as I think that it makes us all a bit wiser.

I think the comments feature on most blogs is a big part of what sets us little guys apart from the Big Media. Not only is there a simple and easy way for readers to immediate leave feedback on an item (as opposed some labyrinthine message board six pages down from the story) and most site owners watch their comments like hawks and often respond quickly and directly to what readers have to say. Big Media doesn’t appear to even listen to readers most of the time, choosing to pick and choose a couple of letters a day to publish.

Keep commenting.