For what it’s worth

Bill O’Reilly talks straight to kids

Bill O’Reilly has a THE O’REILLY FACTOR FOR KIDS book out. Yes, I’m serious.

Now, it seems pretty clear to me that O’Reilly is half-whacked about half the time, but I’ve found the audiobooks of his that I’ve listened to to be very good. When narrating his own books he is a lot calmer and less uptight than he usually is on his television show, and with no time constraints or interruptions he can make his point in his own way. I consider them to be pretty high quality works.

If this book for kids is up the those standards, it’s probably a winner. Go check out the excerpt on MSNBC that I linked to above. My kids are a little young for this sort of thing, but I think the book might be just what some people are looking for.

Or not. Decide for yourself.