Told you so


Last night I said today’s numbers would be lower than predicted based upon the coverage on I said 71,000 and the real number is 96,000, so at least it wasn’t as bad as I predicted. But this isn’t the first time I’ve called this behavior.

Intentional spin on someone’s part? I don’t know. That would be SO UNLIKE people. Especially during October of an election season.

I’m sure a lot of Kerry supporters will breath a sigh of relief that the economy continues to operate at less than optimum. (“Whew! Dodged another good news report on the employment situation! Hooray!”) Don’t pretend that they’re not thinking it.

And remember this about all the jobs lost since Bush took office in 2001:

Yes, Mabel. That’s MORE jobs, not less. It’s the population growth outpacing job creation that makes the unemployment numbers look like they do. There’s no doubt that it’s a concern, but everyone just latches onto the statistics that support their cause. Like I have by choosing to display the Current Population Survey totals rather than the Current Employment Statistics survey. The CES shows a loss of 821,000 jobs over the same period.

Pick your poison.

And if you’re going to wager money on the employment reports, keep an eye on’s coverage the day before. Just a tip.