Elections? What elections?

There were two significant elections this past weekend.

The only coverage out of Afghanistan (you know — that country abandoned by the US) seems to be about election fraud.

(NOTE: You cannot have election fraud without elections. Therefore, don’t pretend that no elections took place.)

As for the allegations of fraud, maybe this just means they’re much farther along the road to American-style democracy than we give them credit for.

Seems to me that elections in Afghanistan should probably benefit one US presidential candidate or another. Hmmm.

And in Australia, John Howard was reelected by a more-or-less landslide. On a pro-War on Terror platform with assurances that he will not pull Australian troops out of Iraq until the job is done.

Yes, I know you didn’t see that in the press. Just take my word for it. It happened.

While maybe not an endorsement of George Bush in the same way that, say, Afghan elections might be (if they were ever to take place), it seems to me that perhaps the Aussies aren’t as opposed to Howard’s support of the overthrow of Saddam as some would have us believe.

Hmmm. Between these irregularities and the low-level coverage that US presidential polls are getting all of a sudden, it sort of makes me wonder.

What if Bush wins big next month? Will the media even report it?