Jib Jab 2

Good To Be In DC

The makers of the This Land Is My Land video are back. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t hold a candle to their first effort. While not totally devoid of merit, MO suggests giving the original (available here) another look instead of downloading this one.


  1. I agree. I couldn’t understand why everone else was going bonkers over it. It’s too short and the editing looks like it’s on crack. It’s still pretty funny though. Do you get the feeling the the Jib-Jab brothers are really disgusted with Kerry/Edwards?

  2. I’ve been trying to decide if they’re biased (for one reason or another) against Kerry/Edwards or if it’s just that Kerry/Edwards are more open to attack. That’s probably just my own bias showing, of course…

  3. It seems like they favor B/C over K/E. It seems like Bush can be made fun of, but theu like his basic drift- tough, action oriented etc. They hit Kerry on his personality and his ideas. Weenie, clueless, friend of terror (Axis of evil, France, UN) I am biased though. I think Cheney is very sympathetic and likeable in DC. Soooo….

  4. Also, I think Bill comes off very well, but they shred Hillary. They don’t give her a bit of likeable redeeming quality.

  5. Re: Hillary ‘they shred Hillary. They don’t give her a bit of likeable redeeming quality’ Well, she doesn’t give them much to work with…