Remember the 4-6 day pause?

ACE points out an LA Times story that notes US forces are going to back off of major military operations until after the US presidential elections.

“When this election’s over, you’ll see us move very vigorously,” said one senior administration official involved in strategic planning, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Once you’re past the election, it changes the political ramifications” of a large-scale offensive, the official said. “We’re not on hold right now. We’re just not as aggressive.”

This sounds suspiciously like the 4-6 day pause widely reported about ten days into the invasion of Iraq. As you may recall, some units DID actually pause, and some even pulled back to reposition and get in “line” with the rest of the assault. But other units kept up the attack or even raced ahead under cover of the much-reported “pause”.

It seems to me that if we were, indeed, going to pause until after the elections, we would not be saying so out loud. I don’t know that this means a major offensive is coming, but I’d be pretty surprised if this report is true.


  1. Let’s ask Miss Information. Misinformation can be a useful strategy. The targeted attacks we’re reading about don’t sound like a pause, but they’re hardly a major offensive either. I wouldn’t be surprised if the insurgents stage their version of a ‘Tet Offensive’ just before the US election, to help Kerry get elected. The military planners are probably anticipation such a possibility as well, and well reduce the number of ‘nuisance’ terrorists significantly. From what I’ve read, the good Iraqis in these hotbeds are still intimidated. It’s easy for us to sit in safety and say they have to step up and fight for their freedom; but that’s exactly what the Minutemen did for our freedom, against overwhelming odds.