Blasted Stryker

Stryker and Crew Survive 500 Pound Bomb


For a higher-res version, follow the link to Strategy Page.

According to the caption on Strategy Page, no one inside the Stryker was seriously wounded and it was able to move under its own power after it was flipped back onto its tires. The vehicle had been flipped one-and-a-half times by the blast.


  1. MO, this ‘500-lb.’ story is very different from what actually happened. The IED was FAR (about 10 times) less powerful than indicated (reality check can help;)), it didn’t ‘flip’, etc. But the worst problem with the story is that in reality a crewmember was killed (Staff Sgt. Michael L. Burbank)

  2. Actually, I sat in on a briefing on this event that had a 2 star making the presentation and according to him there were no deaths and it did flip.