At some point they may wish they acted more responsibly

Shells From Syria Fired at Troops in Iraq

Mortars have been fired at US troops in Iraq from across the Syrian border.

The mortar attacks come at a time of increased U.S. pressure on Syria to stem cross-border infiltration and movement of militants into Iraq.

The number of cross-border mortar attacks has increased in recent weeks with the latest coming Tuesday night, Woodbridge said. In one night alone, five mortar rounds landed near U.S. troops in Husaybah, he said.

The mortar rounds have largely missed their target and there have been no U.S. casualties, U.S. officers said.

A high-level U.S. delegation visited Syria last month to ask the government to institute tighter controls on its side of the border and to stop militants and their money from entering Iraq.

Following those talks, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld called the Syrians “unhelpful” and accused them of “facilitating terrorists moving back and forth, money moving back and forth” to Iraq. Rumsfeld made the remarks during a speech at Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

A lot of folks seem to have the impression that the US military is so bogged down in the quagmire of Iraq that there’s no reason to fear us. For a short while after the initial invasion of Iraq and easy overthrow of Saddam, Syria paid a little lip-service about helping eliminate international terrorism and put on a show of being more cooperative. But it didn’t last.

Anyone paying attention to Iraq and especially Afghanistan should realize that a very deliberate plan is in motion, and that despite troubles and delays, it’s working. Who would have thought Qaddafi would act more responsibly than some other national leaders?

If these attack from Syria continue, and if Syria refuses to at least go through the motions of trying to help, expect action by the interested parties. We’ll probably never hear about it, of course. But it will happen. (via Command Post)

UPDATE: Diggers Realm is thinking along the same lines:

No doubt a lot of this grandstanding by states such as Iran, North Korea and Syria is because they think the US military is too spread out to really do anything about it. That’s short-term thinking of course. Down the road things are going to turn and they are going to be holding the short end of the stick.