Not EXACTLY how I feel, but close

Whoever Wins…We Lose


(Click pic for hi-res version.)

My brother, a major ALIEN fan, started working on this quite a while ago. Then others beat him to the punch with similar ideas, and he gave up. Recently, however, he overcame his despair and finished it off. He writes

I just finished it off quickly this weekend. It’s not nearly as good as I wanted, but still amusing. And you have the best website ever.

(Actually, um, that last sentence isn’t exactly, you know, verbatim.)

Anyway, although I’m lukewarm (at best) toward Bush about most of his policies, I am completely in his camp as far as the war goes. That issue, at this point in time, far outweighs anything else. I hope and pray that things are different four years from now, but that’s how I see it today.

And as for the quagmire that is Bush’s domestic policy? The tax cuts negate a great part of my concern that Bush bizarrely seems to combine the worst characteristics of Right-wing zealots and quasi-Socialist Democrats so often. Or is it the best parts?

Either way, Election Day begins only 24 hours after Halloween ends. Coincidence?

(And leave some feedback on the picture. My brother’s fragile ego is on the line, here.)


  1. Cool pic. What/who is ktla? For me I only vote for Kerry bc I feel there are too many Republicans (who generally aren’t bad in and of themselves) to have a balanced and diverse ruling body. Also, I would blame gerrymandering for the extreme extremeism on both sides.