Poll Cats

Wizbang Poll Tracker

I’ve added a nifty little poll tracker to the top of the main page. It’s offered by Kevin at Wizbang and will help us keep track of what these six different sources tell us is happening in the mother of all races.

Very cool. Never mind the fact that I don’t know how much all these polls really tell us. It’s neat.

UPDATE: By the way, I still stand by my mid-August prediction of a 305-233, 52%-46%, Bush victory. If anything, I think I may have been a little too conservative about the margin of victory.

We’ll see what sort of allegations are crocked up in the days following the election, but I just don’t believe that this race is as close as the pollsters tell us it is.

UPDATE 2: That reminds me. The other evening I was at a stoplight behind a car with a bumper sticker that read “This country needs a better president.”

I wished I had been able to add a piece of tape with “Maybe, but John Kerry ain’t it.” written on it.