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Apology conscientiously offered and graciously accepted

ACE points out a great post on Tim Blair. Here’s ACE’s “excerpt”:

I suspect that the second photo may have been altered in some way, however, since

Spain says terrorist plotted ‘biggest blow’.
(This is really weird, since Spain elected the Al Qaeda candidate of choice. I thought this would be the end of their trouble with those pesky terrorists who only want their due.)


After abduction, CARE suspends work in Iraq
(Makes you wonder what would happen to those people with the first sign above if they went to deliver their apology in person. And Epat Yank wonders if, rather than the morally-upstanding reasons normally given by terrorists, these guys (and others) might just want some cash.)

I wish I could ask Michael Moore if the kidnappers/terrorists are like the Minutemen.


  1. Damn straight that second photo was altered. They fuckin’ beheaded the dude! I don’t think uber-Liberal practices such as those shown above will be effective at ALL with terrorists of any kind. Theirs is a completely irrational agenda and mindset, and you can’t communicate with people like that by apologizing and bringing them flowers. The hornets’ nest is just too damn stirred up at this point.