Glad they cleared that up

Poll Shows Voters Reject Return of the Draft

Whew. Without this poll, I might have thought that most Americans supported a return of the military draft.

That would be trouble, since there’s not room for one single draftee in the US military.

(Incidentally, MO thinks we should increase the size of the US Army by a division or two. But even that wouldn’t require a draft.)

Is it me, or is running and reporting on this poll just a clever way of keeping a non-issue alive?

It’s almost like they’re biased or something.


  1. I’m a Kerry supporter and even I think this draft discussion is silly. Whichever guy is elected will do whatever they can to NOT have a draft.

  2. 15 Years ago our all volunteer Army and Navy were almost twice as big as today, and the Marine Corps had another Regiment. All we to build up the size of the military is money and equipment. The draft is just a political football.

  3. If any president wants a draft, it’ll be fought tooth and nail by the military establishment. We’ve got enough people in right now that signed up for the bucks, but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to hold up their end of the deal. I’m a reservist, and I’ve seen it in action. When my unit got called up (I was not deployed with my unit, but have volunteered anyway) we had individuals that found ways to avoid their service, and others that volunteered. Can you imagine the people shooting themselves in the feet, and then collecting disability (my tax dollars and yours) for the rest of their lives. I bet they’d throw away their medals..err…ribbons and protest too. We don’t want a draft, we want our 8 divisions that Clinton eradicated back. Everyone complains about all these reservists and National Guard being called up, and having to serve, but noone wants to give us the money or equipment to do the job. Give us back half the forces Clinton/the liberals cut, and we can take this fight where we need to, when we need to. Do you know that Clinton cut more forces from our military than some countries have in total? Do you realize that the U.S. Military could give people lots of jobs if they had all those positions back to fill? No draft required, just give us the numbers we need to reach our readiness standards. That’s all we ask. Just give us those that are willing, and pay a reasonable salary, people will jump at the chance. Prove me wrong, go ahead. Didn’t think so. Well there’s my rant, have fun with it.