Vacation leads to home makeover by squatter

An extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the 2004 Kerry presidential victory reported by Newsweek’s premier political reporters (via Instapundit)

Teacher arrested after parent beaten in front of students (via FR)

School District Bans Halloween –Might offend real witches (via Joanne Jacobs)

CLINTON SETS SIGHTS ON U.N. POST (I’ve heard that residents of Security Council member nations are inelegible, but I can’t find anything substantial on that.)

OCTOBER 22 is INTERnational caps lock day!!! (via J-Walk)

I’m going home.

UPDATE: A couple more TGIF WTFs:

U2 finds missing ‘October’ lyrics after 23 years
Not being a major fan, I’d never heard of this. It seems that rewriting lyrics wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but I DO know how hard it is to rewrite something after a computer crash or failed post.

‘Murphy’s Law’ rules outer space… And NASA still needs to learn how to evade it
I know no one is perfect, but COME ON. (thanks to a reader for the tip)

UPDATE 2: I almost forgot about this pic, which is what prompted me to start my WTF-TGIF post to begin with:
What’s up with that???

Theresa Kerry threatens to undo at least twenty years of gains for women in politics.