UPDATE: Ohio ballot and the coming election apocalypse

Well, another nefarious scheme by some ballot designer or another is apparently not all that nefarious after all. The Ohio ballot SNAFU mentioned earlier on MO and all over most of the Conservative hemisphere of the blogosphere appears to be nothing more than a combination of confusing design, misunderstanding of the process, and photoshopping jerks.

As I wrote earlier:

Before everyone gets all revolutionary about this, we need to find out which (if either) of the pictures represents the actual ballot.

What I wanted to see, in order to verify claims that the order of candidates rotated and/or that John Kerry wouldn’t always be the beneficiary of the confusing ballot, was a picture of a different ballot.

The Commissar provides one.

Gail, who also commented on my site earlier with some good info, sent him a pic of one of these alleged ballots with candidates in a different order. Go check out the Politburo Diktat for the goods.

Curiously, this version of the ballot also seems to fit the 4-6-8-10-12 pattern IF you put ‘1’s in front of some numbers. (Well, the theory actually held that the candidates were numbered 6-8-10-12-14, but you get the idea.) I find that a little weird, and the photoshopping claims against some earlier versions (some of which appear to be ‘real’ photoshops(?)) would also apply to these.

Of course, this ‘Gail’ could just be John Edwards putting in a little OT trying to convince us the nefarious plot isn’t so nefarious after all. Now THAT would be nefarious.

(Speaking of ‘nefarious’, have I mentioned that the Democrats are going to make an electoral quagmire out of Ohio?)

In any event, I’m a little relieved that this is just ‘normal’ election confusion instead of ‘intentional’ election confusion. I think.


  1. Hello everyone. I am a resident of Ohio and I would like to ask if this election could get any more complicated? This election has the whole state of Ohio in turmoil. Personally, I am choosing the lesser of two evils (Kerry). Anyone who can bring more jobs and less out sourcing. Ohio is an industrial state and the out sourcing is endangering our economy. Also, Ohio is facing a big problem with issue 1 on the ballot. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with the issue but, it seeks to broaden the scope of discrimination by denying loving, committed couples, both gay and straight, property ownership rights, domestic partner health care benefits, inheritances, pensions, power of attorney and other benefits afforded to married couples. Unmarried mothers could also be denied maternity leave. It’s quite a mess here. Hopefully the people of Ohio and the nation will make the right decisions. Hopefully there won’t be any funny business at the polls. The people of Ohio want change, jobs, and stability. NO MORE SCARE TACTICS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading this!!!