Blix Says No Surprises in Iraq Weapons Report

Hans Blix comments on the WMD report by David Kay:

“I don’t think there are any surprises,” he told BBC World Service Radio.

I agree with him. No surprises about the ongoing weapons programs at all.

“The intelligence was not so strong in reality that it (the threat) could be said to be manifest,” he said. “If they could develop weapons of destruction in five years or 10 years, well that certainly is not imminent. It probably failed [the requirements for military action per the existing UN mandates] in my view on these two counts.”

5 to 10 years? Is he kidding? 5 to 10 years? I could have biological weapons in 5 to 10 years just working in my garage, for Pete’s sake. And I don’t even have a garage right now. But who knows what could happen in 5 to 10 years?

That is just plain silly. And someone who’s had his job certainly knows better. He’s not at all serious about that timeframe.

Blix thinks the reason that the intelligence was “not so strong” is that captured or liberated Iraqi scientists may be lying.

“Many Iraqi scientists and technicians will feel that they would have a chance to be rewarded for speaking to the Americans and the British. One should be a little cautious about what they may say,” he said. “Just as defectors seem to have come up with many stories that they expected the interrogators wanted to hear, the same thing may have occurred in Iraq now,” he added.

While that’s certainly true, Wizbang points out

So newly freed Iraqi scientists should not be believed, yet the word of the same scientists with Iraqi handlers and their extended families facing certain death if they talked should be?

As they say, “indeed.”