LOTR goes one better

Yesterday I noted that FoxNews reported rumors that all three Lord of the Rings films would be shown together in January. Prof Hall at Spacecraft not only confirms the rumor as true, but he points out a lordoftherings.net post that says

On Monday, December 8, and Monday, December 15, both films will be presented back-to-back. Then, on Tuesday, December 16, participating theaters will show a one-time-only marathon of both Extended Edition prints followed by an 11pm screening of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

If it’s playing in my area, I’m filling out a vacation slip for Tuesday, December 16.

UPDATE: I didn’t notice it at first, but the link above includes a link to participating theaters. There is a showing in my area, but I’ve got a pretty nice home theater set up using an InFocus X1 projector, very good 5.1 speakers, and a 74″ picture. When viewing well-made DVDs, I’m not sure that the local theater is better than mine, especially when taking concessions prices into account. I’ve got the extended “Fellowship of the Ring,” and I’ll certainly be buying the extended “The Two Towers” when it comes out next month, so I’ll have to decide if the time and expense of an all-day screening at the multi-plex is worth it. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Doy! “The Return of the King” OPENS on December 17, so the showing on the 16th is, well, sooner. No question. To the local multiplex I go.