F9/11 Special pushed onto some TiVos?

TiVo Halloween Weirdness

Kevin at Wizbang had a WEIRD thing happen on Friday night. His TiVo apparently automatically recorded a 30-minute special on Michael Moore’s F9/11 called Fahrenheit 9/11: A Movement in Time. He didn’t set it to record. It just appeared there. He claims it appeared as a manually-programmed recording.

Did anyone else have this experience? We didn’t. I have a Hughes HDVR2 DirecTV TiVo machine. The show didn’t show up either on my normal “Now Playing” list or on the main menu where TiVo pushes short spots that I never watch no matter what they are.

If anyone DID have this happen to them, let’s try to figure out why some did and some didn’t. I live in Michigan, so the first thing that occurred to me (battleground state residence) would have indicated that I should have received it.

My machine is set to NOT automatically record TiVo Suggestions.

Anyone else?