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Bloggers, Place Your Bets on the 2004 Elections

Les Jones is gathering EV predictions from around the old blogosphere.

(Am I the only one really really tired of typing “blog”, “blogger”, and “blogosphere”?)

Go check it out. And don’t forget my own prediction made in the middle of the Dog Days. Bush 305, Kerry 233.

I’m going to Detroit tomorrow. I’ll be there all day Wednesday and Thursday. If Bush wins (as I expect he will), it may be a somber place. If Bush wins Michigan (which still doesn’t seem terribly likely to me but definitely within reach) they might burn the city.

I’m taking my digital camera, so if they do you’ll get pictures.


  1. If we could just get Detroit/Wayne County and {Pontiac/Oakland County to secede from Michigan……….all would be well. Oh wait! They wouldn’t be abble to suck up vast quantities of out state tax dollars then! Anyway, it’s always just hard to tell political winds in Michigan, you know how surprised everyone was when Engler beat Blanchard, then hung on for several more re-elections. I was one of them! I’m hoping for a repeat of that surprise this time; though I can’t get too enthused about a Bushite win. Good grief! Four more years of stellar foreign policy. You know, like we’ll just invade this foreign country, and they’ll all welcome us with open arms, and be so happy to get out from under their dictator they’ll fall into the lap of western style democracy. Oh yea, and that’s ignoring the horrible precedent of invading a country that hadn’t directly attacked you. Sheesh-did any of those guys study history in 7th or 8th grade? I guess the Bushites are preferable to the Kerryites…I think……well, maybe……possibly. Sheesh! LOL!

  2. Wouldn’t it be safer for you to stay in G.R. today, Murdoc? I know I wouldn’t go to G.R. today myself. I spent yesterday on the phone mobilizing the relatives to get to the polls today. Going to get every (D) vote I can in Michigan to turn out. Granted, it’s not that hard to get UAW members to vote against Bush. I haven’t been this fired up since I helped with the first Engler campaign. He was married to Colleen then. I’m glad I quit voting against my interests and that of a better America. Living in the red state of Indiana for 9 years helped my perspective alot. No way I’d want Michigan to become more like Indiana.

  3. MG: There’s no doubt that I’d be safer in west Michigan. But work is taking me to the east side. I didn’t even put my Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on my car since it will be parked in Detroit tonight and tomorrow night. Even here some people (on BOTH sides, BTW) have had their cars keyed.